Discussion: “Thou” and “Nice” by Gerard Webster

gwebster200x200Pieces by Gerard Webster

See our interview with Gerard here.

Discussion Questions

After reading “Nice,” talk about how the minor aggravations of day-to-day married life and the false attraction of the “other side of the fence” get in the way of seeing the big picture of our lives—of the lasting (and ever-lasting) values.


After reading “Thou,” can you describe in your own life how the slings and arrows of life have actually made your marriage stronger? Would your marriage have been as strong as it is now without those trying times?

In what ways does love grow as external beauty “wears and tears and rubs thin?” How does love’s “aging” deepen its roots?


One comment

  1. 1) I really like how “Nice” gives us that picture of the disappointment that seems peculiar to the first doldrums of early marriage. I’m not sure I saw the attraction of “the other side of the fence” in this story so much as I saw the disappointment with all the sides of the fence the main character has already seen. I think “Nice” was more to me about how spouses can grow tired of each other and take each other for granted but that there’s always hope for revival if the spouses just hang in there and look for the good in each other in spite of the doldrums.

    2) “Thou” was sort of a picture of how, just like regular exercise of increasing intensity builds physical and mental stamina, the varying trials of the different seasons of marriage. I know in my own marriage, weathering those really tough seasons have opened my eyes further each time, not just to the goodness in my husband but in the goodness in myself. Each struggle heals something new in me I didn’t know needed healing.

    3) It’s funny, but when I got married, I didn’t feel especially “beautiful” in anyone’s eyes, least of all my own. The longer I spend with my husband, chipping away at the climb that is a Catholic marriage, the more I see not just the beauty of spirit that we have developed as we’ve grown older but the beauty of what we’ve been all along. I’m not sure that makes sense…


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