Discussion: “No Turning Back” by Leslie Lynch

llynch200x200“No Turning Back” by Leslie Lynch

See our interview with Leslie here.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think Annie will do? What do you want her to do? What might be the obstacles she faces to your plan for her?
  • What do you think about Christian’s response to Annie’s pronouncement? As a father, does he have rights in this situation? Should he? If yes, what are the ramifications to Annie? Do you think marriage would have worked for them? Why or why not?
  • Think about the other characters, particularly Annie’s parents and Callie. How do they influence her, either positively or negatively, and perhaps more important, unconsciously? In both cases (her parents, Callie), the characters were trying to help Annie to do “the right thing”; in both cases, their efforts seem to backfire. Why might that be?



One comment

  1. 1) I’m honestly not sure what Annie is going to do. I can see her going either direction, but I would love some day to find a good book written from a birthmother’s point of view, honestly showing that experience, both the sweetness of the gift and the pain of the sacrifice.

    2) Chris’ reaction seems noble and old-fashioned… both nice things, but as a child of our current culture, I have a hard time picturing how that marriage would work out. That would be an amazing novel, too: the story of a couple like this who *do* marry and *do* make it work. Fiction must be True, but it can also show how good can come out of what seems impossible at first glance.

    3) This is a really good question and not one I’ve thought about very much. I like the dichotomy between the home-pressure and the peer-pressure in this story. I think they both show how either side can turn a person into an “agenda,” which totally disrespects the uniqueness of each human person. They both show how compassion is neither license nor cold-hearted discipline. Great, thought-provoking questions!


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