Discussion: “Two Kinds of People” by John D. McNichol

jmcnichol200x200“Two Kinds of People” by John D. McNichol

See our interview with John here.

Discussion Questions

  • Sean has seen a lot in his life, so much that he seems unfazed by much that would anger or upset most of us. Is he truly in control of his emotions, or have they shut down as a defense against the darkness he has to see on a regular basis?
  • Sean displays a basic knowledge of the Church’s stance on homosexuality. While he is not Catholic himself, he does not display the bitterness towards the Church that some do on this issue. Why is this?
  • Sean has been told that he must either be a hammer or a nail in life. What does this mean? What would the Catholic response be to such a statement? By the end of the story, is Sean a ‘hammer,’ a ‘nail,’ or something else?

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