The quotes below are taken from interviews with Image and Likeness contributors; these interviews will post on the Image and Likeness blog starting October 24, 2016.

"All art is evangelical because all art is concerned with truth." Image and Likeness contributor Dena Hunt talks literature and TOB

The Cloak of Story: Image and Likeness contributor Barbara Hosbach talks about how effective fiction can be in sharing the truths of the Theology of the Body

Now more than ever, the issue of same-sex attraction (i.e., LGBTQ) has dominated the conversation in both political and religious circles. How could the anthology fully address TOB without also viewing it through the LGBTQ lens?" by Image and Likeness contributor Antony Barone Kolenc

"I relate to fiction and poetry more readily than I do nonfiction; I suspect many people do. Nonfiction is for gaining knowledge; fiction and poetry are ways to explore (in beautiful ways) what to do with that knowledge." Image and Likeness contributor Leslie Lynch talks TOB

"Fiction and poetry can put a comfortable 'distance' between the subject and the reader who might find it difficult to talk about... [That can] paradoxically engage the reader on an emotional level." Image and Likeness contributor Katy Huth Jones talks literature and TOB

"Both nonfiction and personal stories can hit an emotional tone as well as intellectual, but readers can get defensive, feel they are being talked to, or dismiss with, 'Well, that's her, not me.' Fiction and poetry let the imagination do its work." Image and Likeness contributor Karina Fabian talks literature and TOB

"True love doesn't always look glamorous when it involves working a second job, changing dirty diapers, fixing a leaky sing... or hanging on a cross." Image and Likeness contributor Gerard Webster talks TOB

"Wanting the truth of His Love to be accessible to all, God has written it in our hearts and bodies, even before He built His Church to proclaim it." Image and Likeness contributor Theresa Linden talks TOB